Antique Vehicle Show – Wrocław

A week ago Sunday an antique vehicle show that took place outside of the city stopped by the center square in Wrocław. For a few short hours we could admire the beauty that once roamed the streets of Europe. It was great to see the variety of the cars on display; Fiat, Opel, Renault, Citroen, Triumph, Auto Union (a.k.a. Audi), BMW, Bentley, Rolls-Royce, and there was even an old Chevrolet just to mix things up a bit.

The cars were really great, the owners however…not so much. I had a couple of questions regarding few of the cars and motorcycles we saw, for instance I asked one of the 1936 Fiat owners what year did the Polish Fiat start production, knowing that Poland did get a license to produce Italian Fiat but thought it was in the ’70s, not earlier. The owner did answer the question and said his 1936 was the very first model made under the joint Polish-Italian license agreement, but he did it in a manner that basically told me to fuck off and leave. Same went for a motorcycle owner I talked to about the lack of gauges on his bike. Holy shit are some of these owners rude.

If you make an effort to display your vehicle at a public event, have a coke and a smile and be nice to people that show up to see you. Don’t be a douche because you happen to own an old car. In fact, I think all owners should be given a douche test before being allowed to participate in a public event. If you can’t stand a kid with a balloon accidentally touching your car, you’re out! If you can’t answer a question with a smile, out! And if your bumper sticker actually says “For touching without permission I punch in the face without a warning”, what the hell are you doing at this show to begin with?

Just as we were finishing our tour of the cars a police escort showed up and everyone rolled out in a cloud of blue exhaust smoke. Rarely ever will I post so so many photos but I believe this occasion called for a little more than a few shots here and there. There were hundreds of people everywhere and some pictures are what they are because quite simply I would never get a clear shot.

Hope you enjoy it.

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