I have recently moved and don’t have an internet connection at the new place; worse still,I probably won’t have one for a while. All my posts are now limited to whatever I remember to write and upload from my parents house or afterhours at work.

This week I spent 3 days in the city of Wisła, known as the birthplace of our greatest ski jumper Adam Małysz. I represented my company at a 2 day bike event sponsored by Merida Bicycles. The event took place right on the ski jump complex which, coincidentally, is named after Małysz himself.  The K-120 complex is only three years old, but the site has been a jump location since 1933 and today is Poland’s second highest jump.

It was cold and misty the first day, and at the very end I was given a hot beer with spices that did the job of warming me up. It was my first ‘grzaniec’ this year and a nice sample of what’s to come this winter season in Poland.

I enjoy company marketing trips as they give me an opportunity to see our scooters through our customers eyes. I had a customer come by and tell me that he heard I had a ‘banana factory’ here. I was a little confused, but I was quickly told that everyone that rode our scooters had a banana shaped smile afterwards. Awesome.