Kurwica – The Devil’s Drink

Kurwica has a few meanings in the Polish language, well, until last Sunday I only knew one and it wasn’t at all nice. It is after all a word on par with the ever popular ‘fuck’. But apparently that’s not all. Kurwica, as explained to us by the people selling bottle vodka by that same name, is also a “hard rain with wind” in the mountain region of Zakopane. A swear word, a hard rain with wind, and now bottled vodka.

We tried Kurwica at a fair this past Sunday and it tasted pretty normal to us, with the exception of Stara Kurwica which by its definition is an old (15 years) oak barrel vodka that tasted almost like whiskey. The vodka was really nothing special though it attracted plenty of seasoned drinkers all saying that it was the best stuff they had in years. Kurwica’s biggest attribute is supposed to be its taste, one that doesn’t require a chaser. I however needed a beer to get over that drink.


As of two hours ago I am back online with a spankin’ new 10mb high speed internet connection and will try to get this blog up to date. Having no internet for a couple of weeks wasn’t especially bad, but I’m happy to be connected again.

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