Renaissance Fair

Last Sunday a small renaissance fair took place at a nearby castle. Same castle where the beer festival took place, just a short walk away. However the fair really didn’t live up to the hype. First of all it was pretty damn small, much smaller than it was last year. It have very limited number of actual renaissance stuff going on with only a handful of people dressed the part. A couple of shows took place where swordsmen battled in a choreographed performance.

It did however attract a big crowd with small tents offering anything from local honey vendors to home made vodka sold by the shot. A young kid, who’s a chess champion at his school, battled a much older veteran in a chess-like game that actually recreated a battle between the Polish forces and the Knights Templar. Food there was good but freaking expensive!!! and the beer was just ehh… nothing special. I expected much more but it didn’t deliver.

I did however try some fresh apple cider, 5% alcohol included. Tasted like rotten apples…because that’s exactly what it was. I also spent some time talking to people about home made beer. There was a group there brewing beer on the spot and offering fresh, week old, beer. They offer seminars and training sessions and I’m gonna try and attend one soon. Home made beer is tasty.

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