Electric Hero

As most of you already know I work for an electric scooter company called GOVECS. It has been a fun ride so far and I’m happy to report that our scooters are kicking ass and taking names! In May of this year we won the E-scooter of the year award and just recently our newest model GO!S3.4 won the eCarTec Award in Munich in the motorcycle category.

Putting my motorcycle license to use I’ve had the pleasure of testing our 82kmh (50mph) GO!S3.4 this summer and it was the quietest 82kmh you can imagine. I especially like the looks I get when passing people who didn’t know I was next to them to begin with.

I’m sure someone’s gonna call me out on brownnosing here so I’ll just leave you with a few photos I managed to snap while playing around with our beast of a machine. I’ve put scooter and motorcycle riding aside for the winter season. It’s too cold and dark at 6am while going to work but I’m sure I’ll be back testing scooters in no time; we’ve got cargo scooters now and that means testing and making a buck or two delivering pizzas! 😉

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