Independence Day

Yesterday, November 11th, was Polish independence day. On this day in 1918, Poland regained independence after 123 years of partition by Russia, Prussia, and Austria. Of course to the most of the world this day also marks the end of the first world war.

In America, independence day is celebrated with picnics, barbeque parties, and fireworks. In Poland, we celebrated by completely destroying the streets of our nation’s capital. Groups of hooligans posing as ‘peaceful’ protesters used what was supposed to be a day of remembrance and a day of honoring those that fought for our country’s freedom to prove that in reality all this freedom is simply to much to handle.

I don’t know if all this aggression is simply a cry for help by disoriented youth wanting more out the government, or if it’s a symbol of a very politically divided Poland with both sides blaming each other on issues Poland is facing today. I do know that setting cars on fire is an asinine way of proving your point. When was the last time throwing a Molotov cocktail at the police during a demonstration really work in the thrower’s favor? Afterwards, did anyone really say “Hey, he threw it therefor he must mean business. Let’s hear his ideas”. It’s stupid, it’s dangerous, and most importantly, illegal.

I’m ashamed that 93 years after our forefathers had won our independence we chose to use this day in a matter proving we’re not ready for it yet.

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