Sobótka Geocaching

With another beautiful fall day upon us we decided to take trip up Mt. Slęża in search of a geocache or two. It’s been a while since we’ve taken a walk in the woods and enjoyed a good autumn day outdoors. It’s beautiful now with all shades of red and yellow everywhere we looked.

We didn’t even follow any one trail in particular and from the very beginning hiked up the hill straight through the woods following a GPS in hand. About an hour and a half into our trip we reached our geocache point but couldn’t locate the hidden treasure. It irks the crap out of me when I know something is hidden nearby but I just can’t see it. Later that evening we did look it up on the internet again and saw that we were literally on top of it the entire time, just didn’t see it.

We did however find a geocache look alike in the woods. While walking back there was a box attached to a tree with a log book and a pen inside. Same principal as a geocache, but very noticeable and available to anyone that happened to walk by. In fact, it was so easy to find we decided not to write anything in the book.

Walking back to the car was easy…except for the part when it got really dark all of the sudden and we ended up walking back through the woods in the dark. Very Blair Witch Project like… not something I’m gonna do again any time soon. Here are a few photos from the trip. I think Fall is my favorite season.

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