Along the Oder River

A couple of weeks ago we saw a small exhibition of photographs by Łukasz Łojba, one of the instructors from our Formaty photography course we took a while ago. Last summer he decided to paddle a boat down the Oder river some 680km, 422miles, from Wrocław all the way down to the Baltic Sea with his 4 year old son…and a cat.

(Photo credit:

Rysio, the 4 year old seen above, is said to have done remarkably well on the trip, only on the 15th day asking why is this trip taking longer than the original 14 days his father had promised him. The cat became so water friendly that it even took short swims along the side of the boat.

During the trip they experienced incredible hospitality from friendly people offering room and board along the way, media attention as the word of their journey spread down the river, and personal hardships and victories while their moods went from “happy” to “ohh shit, there’s so much more to paddle still”.  All of this made for one hell of a trip and we spent a couple of hours looking over the photographs while listening to the commentary by the author himself.

680km from Wrocław to Dziwnów down the Oder river in 16 days, with a 4 year old son and a cat. That’s a great story. You can read up on this journey in Polish on a dedicated blog:  or click the link below the first photo to see a gallery of photographs from the trip.

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