I don’t get into politics much. Discussing politics and religion in Poland doesn’t usually end well for neither party arguing their case.

But when I read this article about couple of U.S. Army soldiers getting robbed and beaten in a Polish night club I didn’t know if it was humorous or sad.

Polish article link:

To start, the fight wasn’t accidental. The article states that the two Polish brothers responsible for the beating were pretty much cruisin’ for a bruisin’ that night and deliberately bumped into one of the soldiers at the club, making a scene, and eventually getting kicked out along with the soldiers. While outside, the soldiers wanted to call for help using their iPhone which was then snatched by the Polish guys who began to run away. Soldiers gave chase but somehow fell, Polish guys turned around, came back, and beat the two soldiers before getting away.

None of this is funny. Why must it be that this country is full of assholes looking to cause trouble and possibly make a quick buck? Why can’t Poland be known for its hospitality, good food, and beautiful women? Instead we’re the drunks with shitty roads and dangerous assholes roaming the streets.

So where do I find humor in all of this? The article gives off a vibe that the soldiers were attacked because they lacked a ‘respectable look’ that might have empowered their attackers. Meaning they looked like a couple of high school punks and not like soldiers at all. And while I don’t think looks really mean anything, these guys should have been trained well beyond getting slammed by a couple of street hooligans.

What’s up with that ARMY? I’m not asking that every soldier be special forces ready, but please be able to beat some sense into a wanna be badass taking your iPhone. I would have loved for these guys to be taught a lesson courtesy of the U.S. Army. And if you will argue that these guys were drunk, on their night off, just wanting to have fun, then don’t let them off the base.

These soldiers were in Poland as part of the U.S. missile shield and have since been transported to the Rammstein base in Germany due to their injuries. The two hooligans responsible have been captured, and are awaiting trial. I didn’t write this to poke fun at anyone in particular, I just think the article should have read “U.S. Soldiers Got Jumped and Delivered a Severe Beating to Would Be Attackers”.