Wrocław’s Euro2012 Fan Zone

The entire country of Poland has been absolutely ecstatic with the Euro2012 since Friday’s opening game, and I’ve actually caught on to the madness myself a little watching every single match thus far. That’s 10 games spent in front of a TV watching something I haven’t watched in years.

But the proximity of the Euro2012 is what makes it that much more exciting to everyone around and since Wrocław is one of the cities hosting matches on a brand new stadium build especially for the Euro, the city has gone off the chain in support of this event. Pretty much the entire city center is shut down and has been converted to one huge fan zone for those wanting to celebrate the games out with friends; 30,000 friends showed up last Friday! I happened to be there on the fan zone opening day just before the Euro actually started and I’m impressed with the organization.

Surely it’s inconvenient to a lot of people but hosting an event of this magnitude is a once in a lifetime shot for Poland so it’s not like we’re gonna get another chance to show the rest of the world all the good things Central and slightly Eastern Europe has to offer. Today Czechs beat the Greeks on Wrocław’s turf, which made for a shitty traffic all across the city BUT not if you happened to be travelling via an electric scooter…

Game days are especially nice to people watch. Streets are full of people wearing mostly red and white Polish colors, hundreds of fans walking all across Wrocław toward the many fan zones set up within the city. Like I said, it’s enough to get me to watch football on TV! I’m simply loving all of the positive attention Wrocław is getting.

Here are a few photos from the fan zone opening day, courtesy of my mobile phone camera.

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