GOVECS in Berlin

I spent three days searching for our very own GOVECS electric scooters among thousands of two wheel vehicles in Amsterdam and didn’t find one. In Berlin, GOVECS found me!

We took the metro towards Berlin’s museum island exiting at the Friedrichstrasse station. The first thing that caught my eye right after leaving the station was an RWE e-Mobility Lounge, and most importantly, our GO!S scooter grazing at the charge station. I’m sure to someone who’s worked on Volskwagens the joy of seeing another Volskwagen is pretty mute since chances are there’s a VW parked nearby. But with me that is not the case. With hands on knowledge of the scooter, it is pure pleasure to see it out in the world making a difference once charge at a time. Our GO!S line has changed a bit since the model seen above; hydraulic disc brakes in the rear and new front brakes with flower like discs are the two most visible changes.

It is moments like these that get me pumped up wanting to go to work tomorrow 😉

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