Checkpoint Charlie

In 1961 the Wall was built and Checkpoint Charlie became the best known symbol of the Cold War representing the separation between the east and the west.

The checkpoint itself was officially removed in 1990, a year after the wall was opened, and has since become Berlin’s most famous tourist attraction. The booth that now stands best resembles the original which has been moved to a nearby museum, though the checkpoint booth has been revised many times, each time growing in size.

Today, there are two eastern-european accented individuals inviting tourists for a photo opp at the cost of 2 Euros per person. We originally thought it was just 2 Euros per photo, but once I found out otherwise and quickly said “hell no” I just took a photo for Karolina. From being shot at for illegally crossing the border, to paying 2 Euros a pop for a photo at the same location, that’s how far we’ve come in 51 years. I believe the above photo of the checkpoint booth and a McDonalds’ joint in the background is also very symbolic of what I have in mind.

Naturally the Cold War stuff is a money maker at this spot and you’ll find plenty of Communist star themed clothes and knick knacks all around. A Trabi grill serving German bratwurst is a nice touch.

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