9th Annual Family Boules Tournament

This weekend we took part in the B. A. Najborowski’s 9th Annual Family Boules Tournament. Located at the foot of the Ślęża Mountain, their home feels like a summer vacation house more than an every day residence. The tournament is part of the birthday party for my aunt Bożena and her husband Andrew (the B.A. in the banner), who happened to be born on the same day, of the same month, of the same year, in the same city, just a few hours apart.

Bożena and Andrzej Najborowski – tournament organizers and the birthday couple.

After a delicious meal, which was stacked with more servings than I could count simply because I couldn’t see the far end of the table, it was time to start the games. Twelve pairs, all family members plus one neighbor, teamed up to win this year’s elusive price; a sandwich toaster. Karolina and I were out fairly quickly and the toaster wasn’t ours to win, but it was still great family fun.

Strict judges made sure that all rules and regulations of the tournament were enforced, even giving out yellow and red cards to those who misbehaved. Boules, while a lot of fun, can cause some great drunken irritation and making sure everyone’s playing a fair game is very important. Of course, no decision is final and a deep pocket or a vodka heavy drink may sway the judges decision 🙂

After the toaster was handed over, another tournament took place. Everyone’s favorite individual challenge with a buy in of 10zl (~$3.50).

Here, too, we didn’t place too well and the money found a better home. Had I only requested a distance measure on one of my tries perhaps I would have made it to a second round. But there’s always the next year.

Thank you for a great time, and Happy Birthday!

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