I’ve written about the Big Owl mountain in a previous post, but this time we went back with Karolina’s dog, Charlie.

Charlie’s never been out on a walk further than the immediate 10km house radius, and it was his first trip in the back of the station wagon as well. Ideally we would like to start taking him on longer hikes but not knowing how he’ll behave we wanted to test the waters on a shorter, closer, mountain. And he passed with flying colors.

Attached to some 5 meters of rope, he had plenty of freedom to roam around yet not enough to get into trouble with any dogs, wildlife, or other hikers on the trail. We did about 5 hours of hiking around and that’s with a couple of beer stops at two hikers’ shelters located on the mountain. I’m not sure how people hiked in the days where a cold beer wasn’t waiting for them at the top… 🙂

On our way we found a cool spot where a hunting blind was set up. Two of them, actually, though one did not stand the test of time. The view from the top was very impressive.