Haarlem at Work

I haven’t had a chance to write much on my blog in the past week or so. Things have been busy at work but I’ve been doing some traveling as well and will try to post on this soon.

In the mean time I’m in Haarlem in The Netherlands on a special assignment doing work on a very hush hush project. Well, hush hush simply cause I cannot understand a word the Dutch are saying. How can a language supposedly so close to German be so different?

Anyway, we drove a 1,000 kilometers for 10 hours straight in a van with a broken air conditioning unit during Europe’s hottest days of this summer. Hot as hell doesn’t begin to describe it and the trip brought me back to where AC was the sort of thing not everyone thought about and long drives like these would have been considered normal. Having air conditioning in our cars definitely made us more depended on yet another technological advance. But now that I have tasted its usefulness, please don’t ever leave me again!

Together with a colleague of mine we’ve taken upon ourselves to test all sorts of good local beers, after hours of course. Yesterday we had a case of the above pictured Hertog Jan which was a very smooth pilsner that went down easy after a long and treacherous ride.

Today however we tried something new and in both cases the beers were a miss in my opinion. Bitter and rough. Brand is a pilsner supposedly done by Heineken, La Trappe is a dark beer but tasted crappy with a strong alcohol aftertaste. We honestly should have gone with a six pack of Heineken.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Izabela says:

    Always stick with what you know!
    Love reading the blog.

    Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    Originally from Wroclaw, Poland

  2. Robert Day says:

    A friend of mine came back from his first trip to New York and said “I was looking for the words ‘air conditioning’ the way I look for the words ‘real ale’ at home.”

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