Poland vs. Germany – The Gummy Bear Difference

I am pretty sure you will all agree that Gummy Bears are delicious. As a long road trip companion or on a cry-me-a-river romance movie night, Gummies have always been there for me. No question about it, Gummie’s are awesome. But little did I know, there’s a difference in the Gummie jelly, and that difference seems to happen along the Polish-German border.

Whenever we travel to Germany we always bring back a few packs of this Haribo goodness. Gummies have been around since 1920’s and they’re readily available…everywhere. Karolina has always said that the German originals tasted better, but I never really paid attention to it until now. Strictly for comparison reasons, we tested both German and Polish Gummi bears and Karolina did a blind taste test to compare the two.

The main difference right off the bat is the texture of the Gummi. German is soft and gentle, Polish is hard and requires a good bite to get through the Gummi. Taste wise they were about the same, but because of the softness, German Gummies seemed a bit sweeter. While I first thought I liked the softer German kind better, it seemed that the ease of consumption made us go through the German pack faster; chew one, take another. The Polish kind takes a lot more chewing to get through, tiring your jaw faster, but making you appreciate every single Gummi at the same time. But the taste…must go to the German originals.

Split down the middle, Polish and German Gummies look identical.

Conclusion? German Gummies taste better. I say that not because Karolina’s been saying it for years, but also because every time we have someone over and we open up a pack of German Gummies it results in an almost immiediate “Ohh, German Haribo” comment without the person ever seeing the packaging. My opinion is strictly economical; German Gummies are cheaper and packaged in bigger bags so they’re a better deal in general. You go through them faster, sure, but you get a slightly better taste as well.

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  1. Izabela says:

    I notice the same difference when I buy them from the Polish store versus when I’d see them at the local Blockbuster (before they closed down). The Polish store ones were always harder than then Blockbuster ones which I believe were manufactured locally.

  2. Evez says:

    Same with all gummibears. Outside of Germany they taste different (which means “not as good”) 🙂

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