Café Pestka – Best New Coffee in Town

When it comes to coffee there are plenty of places in Wrocław to get your standard run of the mill cup of joe to go. Café Pestka is not one of them.

The name is catchy and quite original though when translated into English it does mean “Café Bean” which sounds fairly similar to The Coffee Bean super chain of coffee shops found in southern California. However, after talking to the shop’s owner the ‘bean’ in question is meant to represent the beginning of everything; the seed, the bean, that starts it all. Food, ideas, thoughts, great coffee… The logo of the café, a tree growing out of the said bean, is meant to represent just that.

The reason that after just one visit I can tell it’s the best coffee in town is simple: I know the barista behind the counter and know of his obsession with coffee. Everyone at the shop has been fully trained and certified by the best caffeine addicts in Poland, but my former coworker Michał brings the sort of passion one can only dream to have for any one subject. And his passion is coffee. My cup of coffee was brewed in what I can only describe as a science class burner that filters the coffee using gravity and temperature differences between two opposite glass containers. If I’m describing it wrong that’s cause I still don’t know how it works, even though it was described to me in detail. All I know is that for the first time ever I drank pure black coffee and it was the most delicious coffee I ever had. And while I had it some 3 hours ago I still feel like “I am the Great Cornholio!”

Putting aside the 50 ways you can get your coffee brewed here the shop offers a very comfortable atmosphere, delicious cookies, and Polish made soda’s that will perk you up just as much as coffee would. I didn’t know Poland made Cola based on Yerba Mate could be that good. Their chocolate almond cookies with a hint of chille were awesome, though I can only assume the chille was that faint tingling on my tongue as it was otherwise unnoticeable.

If you’re looking for a coffee shop to call your own, look no further.

Their info:  Cafe Pestka Facebook

Oct 10, 2013: Cafe Pestka has since closed for business. Sad, but I wish their staff a fruitful future.

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  1. Mi & Mu says:

    Yummie 🙂 looks nice!!

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