Zürich Scootering

I’m currently in Zurich, Switzerland on a 5-day weekend visiting my fiance Karolina who’s here on a month long work trip herself. But today was Friday so while Karo went off to work I went off sightseeing the city of Zurich.
My first stop, a GOVECS dealership of course.

M-Way is the official distributor of GOVECS scooters in Switzerland and after looking up their address in Zurich I took a walk down to their shop. Seeing our GOVECS scooters displayed front and center among a couple of ZERO motorcycles was pretty cool. The two companies serve a completely different customer base of course, but seeing them together somehow made me proud of our rides. M-Way specializes in electric mobility from bicycles through scooters and motorcycles all the way to cars, though I didn’t see any electric cars in the shop. Their show room however featured a lot of e-bikes and they had five different GOVECS scooters to show as well.

Zurich has a pretty good scooter base and while I wouldn’t compare it to Amsterdam or Milan it does hold its own in scooter mobility. I did notice one major difference in Zurich scootering: there’s money here, and lots of it. Milan’s got thousands of scooters, but most of them are barely still getting by. Amsterdam does a little better, but Zurich’s got plenty of brand new high end stuff on the road.

Scooters that aren’t new, like these vintage Vespa’s, are restored to factory original condition which by itself isn’t cheap, either. I also came across my first BMW maxi scooter sighting. These BMW monsters were released earlier this year and they’re a beast in the maxi scooter category.

Of course scooters are not for everyone, sometimes a simple bicycle is all one needs for a quick ride to a lingerie shop 😉

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  1. Chetnie bym sobie pojezdzila na skuterkach… Ostatanio jednak wypozyczam rowery gdzie tylko jade.

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