EICMA – Pure Cycling Heaven

EICMA stands for Esposizione Internazionale Ciclo Motociclo e Accessori, but to every non-Italian speaker it quite simply means Milan’s Motorcycle Show. It is the biggest motorcycle show in the world and every year it is the place to be if you’re a motorcycle manufacturer or simply a cycling enthusiast. This year marked  EICMA’s 70th show, and my very first one.

To those of you that don’t know, I work for GOVECS. Electric mobility is what we do, and electric scooters is how we do it. This year GOVECS showed off a brand new color trim for the upcoming 2013 models and our booth beamed of color like no other. There was plenty to see in the ‘Green Planet’ section of the show, but I will try and write another post about that.

Because scooters is what we do I tended to naturally gravitate towards them no matter where I went. And since this was in Italy, the heartland of the scooter itself, there was plenty of scootering on display. Big and small, brand new and extremely vintage, slow and maxi speed monsters, scooter love was all around.

But this was a motorcycle show after all and the big brands made sure no one forgot it. I was there for three days and during that time I saw plenty of new model introductions and press conferencing regarding the best a given manufacturer had to offer. Personally, I walked away with one particular model in mind if I was to ever own a motorcycle, a Kawasaki W800. Look it up. It’s as classic as they come, and it’s beautiful.

I did pose for a photo op over at the Can-am booth, but I can’t quite tell what the deal with that three wheeler is. I mean it’s gotta be extremely fast, it looks bad ass batman style, but yet it’s almost too much vehicle for its own good. Either way, it must be a pleasure to drive.

Right outside the hall and just beyond the Haribo booth with endless gummies!!!, was a parking lot where a whole lot of stuff took place constantly throughout the EICMA show. Cross bike races, quad races, trial bike shows, stunt riding, and the star of it all, Chris Pfeiffer. It was a lot of fun to see someone maneuver a motorcycle with such ease it makes it seems like child’s play.

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  1. These are some cute girls!

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