Friday night. Ohh what a night. Sitting at home, sipping away my Corona with lime, watching a week’s worth of The Daily Show downloads and making my first GoPRO Hero video. Sure I could think of at least one better way of spending my Friday night, but until that person again comes along in my life, Stewart and that little dude from The Game of Thrones will do just fine.


Weather sucks here in Wrocław. I mean we’re a day away from having snow on Easter! BUT… I did manage to take my work issue GoPRO Hero3 camera out for a spin today. I had to borrow a couple of accessories from my buddy Cichy, but it’s a good way to test a whole lot of camera mountings before I get a set of our own. At least I know that the suction mount works wonders on our GOVECS scooters. I’m not completely one hundred per cent convinced that it won’t ever fall off, which is why I will surely make some sort of a back up ‘catch’ just in case. But as you can see here it did fine on a crappy day like today. Should work like magic once summer, shit, SPRING decides to actually show up!

So here it is, my first attempt at creating an ‘action’ GoPRO film. Please be sure to let me know what you think. Thanks.