Supermoto Sunday

This having no window shades in my new apartment does have its advantages… a blinding sun 6am wake up call!

Wait, why is this an advantage you ask? SUN, a commodity so high in demand yet not so much in-stock lately on the Polish side the globe. Once the WTF?? thought had passed, I jumped out of bed, made sure the temp outside was above five degrees centigrade, and boom, I knew it was gonna be a Supermoto Sunday.

The plan was to ride to Sobótka, the only local mountain some 50kms away, then park, climb the mountain, tea and crackers at the top, a short stop at my uncles, and ride back home. That was the plan, the execution however, not so much.


It started off smoothly. Ripping through an empty countryside on a Sunday morning was a blast. I decided to stop by a mausoleum I had passed many many times but never paid much attention to. Turns out it was built for one Gebhard Leberecht von Blücher, who was a Prussian field marshal that led his army against Napoleon at the Battle of the Nations at Leipzig in 1813 and at the Battle of Waterloo in 1815. He retired to his residence in the nearby Krieblowitz, nowKrobielowice, and died there in 1819. The mausoleum once housed his remains, but it was heavily plundered by the Red Army in 1945 even though he technically helped stop Napoleon from taking over Russia to begin with. Irony.




I was surprised to see a wreath at the entrance, I’m curious who still remembers and who takes their time to drive out to the middle of nowhere to lay it there. But I am very glad I finally made the time to stop by and read up on this.

From there it was back on the road towards Sobótka, but as I got to the town itself I found the road had been closed off by local police for some sort of a cycling event. Alright, no biggie, there’s another way to get there… except there too I was met with a challenge. Somewhere along the way I forgot that even though it’s nice, dry, and semi-warm in Wrocław, road conditions and the temperatures at the mountain would be much different. I rode all the way to the point where snow and ice started… and turned back around.



I did end up literally pushing my bike up a snowy road to my uncles place in the mountain area, not something I’m ever going to repeat again. Coming back home I went through the city, not the side roads I had initially taken. It was my first time going through real traffic and God does a Supermoto feel great zigzagging among cars. The noise of my dual exhaust seems to push cars out of the way. It was a great day out in the sun, but I will be back for the mountain challenge soon.

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