Seeing a Fisker Karma in L.A. I probably wouldn’t even whip out my phone to snap a photo. I mean even Bieber has one!

But we don’t get too many toys like that in Poland, well, none at all actually, so when I saw this Karma on my current visit to Munich, Germany I had to take a closer look.





Parked just outside our bar for the night, was this beautiful pearl white Fisker Karma. Just sitting there in all its glory, charging from a standard wall outlet. My first impression was… this thing is HUGE! My second, it will take a week to charge from a regular 220v wall outlet. Size wise, this is not your standard sports car. It’s a sports family beast. It’s so big in fact it simply didn’t fit in the assigned parking spot while every other car fit in just fine. With 21″ wheels, solar panels built into the roof, this thing has a cool factor beyond anything I’ve  ever seen. This ain’t your family Prius, that’s for sure. I didn’t even enter the bar for a good 20 minutes once I saw it parked outside, and nothing keeps me away from a cold brew that long 🙂

The owner of the car is most likely the owner of the bar, too. We witnessed him a few hours later wrapping up the charge cable and all. I kind of thought one would get a more sophisticated charge cable recovery device for a cool $100k other than simply using your arm to wrap the cable around. “One day Slav” my boss said as we kept staring at this awesomeness of a machinery,  “one day!”.


My trips to Munich are often short and filled with good work vibes. This time was no different. Got a lot done, discussed everything with the additional benefit of a human touch rather than a Skype conference, and then had a drink, or two, or three… with the people that make electric scootering so much fun.

Sure afterwards I felt just a little like that guy…


See you next time Munchen!

Ohh, and by the way, Munich is full of cool cars. This thing sits parked in a dealership just steps away from our company headquarters. I will visit them on my next stay and write it up.