X Games – Pre Show

Today we setup our GOVECS booth and a test track and planned out the next few days at the X Games Munich. It was the first time I saw it here and  wow does it all make a impression. Everything is HUGE! And that’s not just what she said 🙂





It boggles my mind that all this work and money is spent for only 4 days of ‘teenager’ fun. But it still makes a hell of an impression when you see it live. Like the vert ramp for example. The ramp is big, but because it’s situated in the distance, on a lake no less, it feels a bit small. And then you zoom out and see ramp right behind it that makes it look LEGO size. Nevermind that 12 people stand atop it and ride skate boards and BMX bikes. The ramp behind it is just 10 times bigger. Amazing.





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