GOVECS at the Games

Taking part in actively promoting GOVECS electric mobility is a great opportunity to witness the smiles we put on people’s faces when they ride our scooters. People tend to approach us with a certain element of caution not knowing what to expect.

“How does it work? Is it on, now? Ohh wow, it’s so quiet.”

I like the interaction. We truly have a great product on our hands and sort of know it, too. So telling people about it and inviting them to ride comes very easy. Of course there will always be the non-believer that no matter how much you try you’ll never be able to talk them into owning an electric vehicle. For some reason these people, too, like to ride electric scooters at shows.

Personally I didn’t know what to expect from the X Games event. I knew it would be full of young kids wanting to see fast things go really high and didn’t know how well our scooters would fit it. But they did awesomely well even though it rained half the time. Some stopped by out of sheer curiosity, some were straight up ready to buy on the spot, some just wanted to ride the ‘roller’ as it’s known in German and compare the experience to their petrol powered scooter at home.






GOVECS put up a GO! S1.2 electric scooter for a charitable auction and here it is all signed by X Games athletes. It would have been cool to see Tony Hawk ride our scooter, but we’ll settle for his signature just as well.




We also had provided a few scooters to the X Games organizers and it was pretty cool to see GOVECS scooter zooming around doing actual work at the fair. Us riding them is normal, but when you see others enjoying the experience and doing work while riding, it’s pretty satisfying. I took our GO! T transport scooter and made some “work” shots as well.




Here is my photo report from the grounds of our GOVECS test track at the first ever X Games Munich.

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