Wrocław Karting

Wrocław built its 40,000 seat stadium in record time to make the 2012 Euro football championship. A total of 3 matches took place there. A few concerts later the stadium serves as the field for our local soccer team WKS Śląsk and pretty much sits empty the rest of the time. It’s actually pretty infamous now as the city can’t find an organizer who will promote it correctly for high value concerts or matches of any kind.

This of course leaves the multistory parking lot next to it really really empty. Fortunately someone saw this as a good thing and put a gokart rink on the bottom floor. Although the surface is made of a brick like cobblestone, the track is still pretty fast and a lot of fun, too.

Here’s my short GoPRO film from our trip to Wrocław’s Le Mans gokart track.

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  1. Enrico says:

    cool video…of a really fun ride we had afterwork!!! next time…we should make like a small race….first warm up…then session for fast lap and then race….that would be great!!!

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