Extreme Fun

Thinking back of the X Games, a week spent there wasn’t gonna pass by without having some serious fun. Ever since learning of our participation in the event months ago I was getting ready to see some live extreme sport action. While work is work and scooters rolled around all day, on one afternoon my boss Nick treated me to a fun day out at the Games, VIP style. Home made ravioli served to your table, never ending beer fountain, and front row seats to all the action. One could get used to being a VIP.

On that particular day BMX big air took place outside, while the motocross whip, step up, and speed and style events went on in one of the enclosed arenas. The smell and noise of a motocross bike still give me the goosebumps, I always wanted to ride like that, never really had a chance and the ‘cajones’ to do it. The thing is, when you see tricks being performed with such ease you can’t help but think that “yeah, I could do that”. And then a minute later it occurs to you that “no, no I can’t” 🙂

Here’s a quick video from that day.

And photos of course.




I did notice a slew of weird ‘sports’ being performed around the X Games grounds. Perhaps the most visual was headis. The rules seemed to be taken straight out of table tennis, the table itself seems ping pongish with a net and all, except the ball was bigger, and you played it only using your head.

P1100437It all seemed a bit weird at first, and only got weirder with both of the guys jumping on the table for that perfect shot. One could only imagine the whiplash you get from this. How does this become a sport?

Then there was this. I’m not sure what it is called, but the basic principle was to balance yourself breakedancer style, flipping the plastic stool in as many ways possible with your hands or feet, making the transition from sitting to standing and balancing all look as nonchalant as possible.

Kyosho was there with an arsenal of RC stuff that made me think back to my RC racing days. There was also some fair amount of paddle boarding going on on the central lake, while a skateboard standing mini-golf was all I wanted to try.




This little drone was what I liked the most though. Equipped with an HD camera and piloted by an iOS iPad app, this was way easy to fly and looked like hours of fun around any neighborhood.


But the Games were all about being extreme of course. And soon after the BMX big air was done, it was time to see some pure motocross fun. Not wanting to carry a big camera around all I had was my trusted Lumix point and shoot which is why the photos are what they are. You will have to trust me thought that no amount of pixels and ISO would bring out the thrill one gets from watching live motocross riders do what no one should ever do with a motorcycle, period.






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  1. A great fun day indeed!

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