Berca Mud Volcanoes


As gases erupt some 3,000 meters deep, clay and salty water are being pushed towards the surface creating small mud volcanoes. The mud is cold as it comes from Earth’s continental crust layers and as it dries out it creates the conical shape that can be seen on photos below. Due to high salt content of the mud no vegetation can thrive around this and the scene looks eerie desert like.





While getting there is relatively easy, letting our GPS recalculate the route after missing a turn turned into an adventure for us. Again, from asphalt to gravel to crazy mountain mud roads, we ended up somewhere up a mountain with no intention of following the GPS another mile. We ended up hand-gesturing a question to a local resident how to get to the volcanoes and if the road there was passable with our motorcycles. Luckily it was all downhill from there, literally, and we were glad to see asphalt again soon enough.



One thing that we all noticed after visiting the volcano site was the heat. We were getting closer to the Black Sea and the sun was a good reminder of that. We took shelter after walking the mud trails, but it was going to be a long & hot ride to the Danube river delta afterwards.

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