I probably have a couple more Romania posts to write, but last weekend this happened.


Yeah, my Trampie took a hit, and not a small one either. Turns out I should have let go of the throttle when I got to the top of the jump, not actually jump it landing awkwardly with no control over the bike. Luckily just the windshield and a blinker need replacing, protective tubing and aluminum shields on my bike actually did what they were supposed to and the bike is mostly fine. And the bruises on my leg will go away with time, not so much the bruise on my ego!

It was a quick two day weekend trip with around 10 motorcycles joining in. Mostly Africa Twin’s, the Queen as it’s known around here, two Transalps including mine, and a couple of Yamaha XT enduro bikes. I didn’t know what to expect from the trip at first, but knew something was up when everyone kept saying “that’s a really nice bike” to me at the beginning with a smirk on their face. I laid my Transalp flat an hour later and it almost felt as the rite of passage to be in the club. Crashing is just part of the fun. “Soft crashes” as they call it, on mud or grass, still fucken hurts though no matter how “soft” it seems.

Dirt fire roads were a luxury that weekend, mud and rock climbing were the norm. Granted pushing a 200kg+ bike up a mountain pass is not much fun, but sitting at the top looking back at what I’ve done was more than rewarding. I mean people had a hard time walking up the trail we managed to ride 10 heavy motorcycles up. How cool is that?




Truth be told I probably shouldn’t have put my bike through such hard paces, but knowing what my bike is capable of is priceless. The learning experience alone is unforgettable; to accept a constantly sliding motorcycle as standard is something new to me, but I’m beginning to like it. Traction became luxury, and one I am now looking to forgo in favor of dirt fun!

Here are a couple of albums full of photos from that weekend. I’m not sure how many attendees will actually read this, but thanks everyone for fun filled weekend!

My album:

Asia’s album: (that’s right, there was a girl riding with us, too!)

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  1. Dobra relacja Sławku 🙂 Transalp jest dalej ładny i podejrzewam, że bojowo nastawiony do dalszej turystyki offroadowej 🙂
    Świetnie sobie radziłeś!
    Mam nadzieję, że jeszcze polatamy.

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