My last stop in Romania was the city of Săpânța known for its Merry Cemetery. The cemetery is an open air museum and one of Romania’s national tourist attractions.

All tombstones are carved in wood with naïve art, an art form that represents a given painting, and in this case carving, with childlike simplicity in its subject matter and technique. Every carving describes the person that’s buried there and a scene from their lives.

The very first tombstone was carved by a local artist named Stan Ioan Pătraş in 1935, and by 1960’s more than 800 oak wood crosses have been carved. The cemetery is quite a sight, though some scenes bring up interesting questions as to the lives lead by the deceased person. Like this one with a naked woman, a heart, and two dudes!





From Sapanta it was a 300km ride towards Budapest where I met up with an old friend of mine Krzysztof who I haven’t seen since my trip to Hungary in 2010. It was a short stay, a few quick palinka shots, some great Hungarian wine, and I was back on the road towards Poland the next day.


This marks the end of my Romanian adventure from the summer of 2013. No worries though, there are already plans for summer 2014 to be even more moto-exciting!