Weekend Fun


After a week long trip to Milan a three-day long weekend was just what the doc had ordered and I managed to spend it with my beautiful girlfriend Ania. In case you’re actually a fan of this blog and have been following the events of my life for some time, you might have noticed that I haven’t really written much on a personal note lately. That’s cause I really didn’t have much to write until I met Ania.

Ania is a paramedic, she has a dog name Fado, and enjoys long walks on the beach haha. That’s about all the intro I wanna write, the rest you’ll slowly piece together from future posts.
Because the nearest beach is some 300 miles away we usually just walk Fado around the empty fields nearby ­čśë


20131110_115317Remember the D┼╝em concert I wrote about a year ago? They played again this Saturday and we drove over to the town of Bierut├│w to see our friends and the concert. Harlem, another Polish rock band, opened up this two-band event, and it was a fun filled evening full of good rock classics.




To top things off we went ice skating…my first time in 20+ years. I actually don’t remember the last time I ice skated, but it must have been some time prior to my family’s 1994 move to the States. I sometimes rollerblade so keeping a balance was not a problem, but stopping on this┬áNASCAR like always-go-left-in-circles rink was. I have a brake on my rollerblade, but I can see how this wouldn’t work on ice haha.

This concludes my weekend update service announcement ­čÖé




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