End of the Season

I took my Transalp for a short ride yesterday after about a month or so of sitting idle in the garage, and quickly came to the conclusion that my riding season is done. This was pretty obvious to me already with temperatures slowly dipping below zero celsius, but the after hours ride just drove the point home even more. It was dark as night even though it was just 5pm, wasn’t too cold but just enough to where I didn’t think my tires had the grip I wanted them to have, and my helmet kept fogging up because my pinlock kept falling off…time to call it a year.



But what a year it’s been! It began with a Funmoto FMX in February and finished with a Transalp and a huge Romania trip later that year. I’d say as far as European riding goes, that’s a pretty well covered season. My first ever year full of riding. 9,239km to be exact, that’s 5,740miles.

I met some pretty cool people thanks to my riding, learned a ton on actual riding itself, faced many personal fears and beat a couple demons, too. All on my motorcycle. So here’s to healthy and fruitful season, and a big Rest In Peace to those riders who weren’t as lucky this year. Peace!




4 Comments Add yours

  1. Good people ride motorcycles…

  2. A czy przekonałeś się trochę do offroadowej jazdy ? 🙂

  3. Madzik says:

    Wow, ale ktoś Ci zrobił fantastyczne ujęcia w plenerze… ma się tą rękę do robienia zdjęć 😀
    Z niecierpliwością czekamy na film z naszej wspólnej podróży…
    A co do zakończenia sezonu, to my go zakończyliśmy już daaawno, podczas wspólnej jazdy w lesie, gdy przedziurawiłeś nam oponkę w tygrysku ;P do tej pory jej nie wymieniliśmy…

  4. Bozy says:

    Sławek oddaj koło lobuzie!!!!

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