Wrocław’s Christmas fair is by far one of holiday’s must-do-events come the holiday season. It’s actually gotten bigger every year that I’ve gone to it, but this year was the first time I’ve seen it during the day. Sure it’s not as spectacular when you don’t have the glitter of Christmas lights all around, and the lack of snow takes a lot away from the fair as well, but it still felt very warm and joyful.





This year’s fair mugs are orange, last year was blue and the year before was red if I remember correctly, but since we drove we only had hot chocolate instead of the classic warm mulled wine. For this we will go back next week. As always the fair is full of cool trinkets, usually hand made, and usually by folks from all over Poland and beyond. I spent a good few minutes talking ‘honey’ with a beekeeper from Przemyśl which is all the way by the Ukranian border, and we actually bought some amber jewelry from a Ukrainian couple that had a booth set up. I really enjoy talking to people with passion for whatever it is they’re doing and it seems that every booth we stopped by today had people who really wanted to share their passion with others, that is to say, we had a lot of cool talks with people today.







But above all I think food is the number one reason anyone should visit the fair. The fresh good eatin’ going on here is amazing. I couldn’t get away from a smoker set up just outside a booth selling sausage, of course I had to try it and… it could have been less fat, but still a good smoked taste. From there it was on to the Hungarian “Langosz”, which tastes a little like a pancake but is deep fried and comes out a little soaked with oil. It was good, just a little soggy. The food scene is big here and I’m sure I will taste new stuff every time I stop by this year.





The coolest thing at this fair to me was the chocolate stand offering extremely detailed chocolate products. Like a size 25 bolt with an actual thread made so well that a size 25 nut could be screwed on it. All made of chocolate!
I wouldn’t have believed it myself but the lady behind the counter actually showed us the bolt and nut part. The camera seen on photos below is made from a big slab of chocolate which is supposed to explain the $77 dollar price tag! The iron next to it is even more expensive.




Last but not least I mention a small problem I have with a sign made for a kids rollercoaster ride. I know it’s a small thing but it bothers me that no one caught it before hand and that no one’s changed it till now even though other bloggers have mentioned this mistake. I’m talking about a “Welcome in Texas” sign that someone out there thinks means “Welcome to Texas”… just change it please!