I (heart) Świdnica

It’s been a while since I last posted anything at all, so here are a few posts to get the blog ball rolling again.


You might remember this “Great Orchestra” post from a year ago. This awesome charity event is an annual tradition and this year I saw what a nearby city of Świdnica had to offer. The cause is very simple and honorable: to collect as much money as possible to aid the struggling Polish health system and purchase necessary equipment for children wards in hospitals all around the country. As always, there was a lot of controversy about the money being collected not exactly making it to sick kids in need. But that’s just pure bullshit made up by folks who like to stir shit up, period. The fact is, and I’ve seen it myself, that if it wasn’t for this foundation there simply wouldn’t be necessary medical equipment in most Polish facilities. It’s easy to spot a device or equipment bought with foundations money, it all has a red heart sticker on it.

Here are a few photos of the many volunteers that showed up in Świdnica. I liked the Police issue Alfa Romeo. I know better to ever own an Italian car (sigh) but it sure looks good! It was a good but chilly day to walk around town with Ania and Fado.

WP_20140112_010 WP_20140112_024 WP_20140112_027

Ohh, and check out this giant fly!


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