“InterNations unites expats and their families in over 390 cities worldwide”

That’s straight from the InterNations.org website. I attended my first InterNations event a few days ago and had a good time meeting English speaking folk from all over the world, all working and living in Wrocław. Most conversations begin with a simple “…so what do you do here?” and it’s all laughs and good times from then on. I have to sort of thank my boss for talking me into going, he gave me that whole “stepping outside  your comfort zone” speech cause I really wasn’t thinking of putting on a tie on a Friday night. Turns out I should have left the tie at home to begin with.

Anyway, this event was a great opportunity to meet new people, but to me it was a great opportunity to meet Famous Jim Williams, an American stand up comedian living here in Wrocław. I’ve seen him him a couple of times at comedy shows he puts together in Wrocław, but talking to him in person made me want to attend one of his open mic sessions to see if I’m really as funny as I think I am. (spoiler, I am not!)

You can check out Famous Jim Williams here: http://en.famousjimwilliams.com/