Turning 32 was actually pretty great, and that’s due to a very cool surprise my girlfriend Ania threw my way in a form of a non-surprise surprise birthday party. No-surprise surprise…because at one point there were 16 people coming and it was very difficult to keep that a secret with all necessary preparations a day ahead of the party. Plus I sort of noticed a strange amount of text messages coming Ania’s way…and had to investigate hahaha.

Polvadis Windows Phone_20140201_001

No too many people have seen my new pad and in a sense this was also a christening party for my apartment. Even my cousins haven’t been over yet, well, because I haven’t finished it yet and figured I’d throw a party once everything was done. But Ania beat me to it and invited everyone over just as things were.

Great times with great friends and family. That about sums it all up. And kids…ohhh the kids! There were two toddlers present and naturally all of the women were in 7th heaven, all naturally wanting one of their own. No big deal for me, I’m all for starting a family, but some other guys were seriously getting scared 😉

And Fado, the 40kg beast of a Chocolate Labrador was certainly the life of the party at times. He’s used to people and used to an apartment setting, which makes him a perfect party companion. In fact, he likes people so much that at one point two of my friends were going out for a smoke, and Fado took off with them. Just like that, “hey stranger, take me outside would you?” It was funny.

Thank you Ania for doing this, and everyone for coming!

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