My Photography

I’ve noticed a trend in my own photo taking, one that continuously veers towards the use of a phone camera rather than my DSLR. Ever since I played around with the awesome camera on a Nokia Lumia 920 I really stopped using my DSLR altogether. But I did find a new use for my Nikon paperweight.


I set up this photo booth at work to shoot spare parts and occasional scooters. I’m still in the learning process, and trying to position all three lights to get that awesome shadow-free shot is at times more difficult than I ever could have imagined, but in the end it’s all worth while.

For example here’s my back-room shot vs. an actual professional shot of the same scooter made by someone else.

DSC_9863 Three Quarters Back low res

The top one is mine, and it’s Photoshop-free as I have yet to master that program. It’s a learning process…but compared to the bottom one done professionally it ain’t half bad, huh?
As I mentioned, the booth was originally meant for parts and small stuff, like this tire repair kit below. Which is why capturing entire scooters, with limited knowledge no less, is not an easy task.


That of course doesn’t mean I can’t have fun with what I got. Full scooters, glamour shots, or just playing around to gain experience, I’ll shoot anything that wants to be photographed.

Ohhh, if anyone knows how to get rid of that glasses glare please let me know. I tried to get it out of the frame, but the best shots keep getting that damn glare in ’em. 




By the way, we have Superman working for us, Clark Kent is Italian!

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