Wrocław Night Walking


I live 10kms (6.2miles) from Wrocław’s city center, which is close…yet just far enough to where I don’t spend too much time participating in the bustling evening/night life that Wrocław’s center square has to offer. I have two street trams, one bus, all taking me basically from my house to the square, but that’s all at least a 40 minute commute. I can get there by my motorcycle…but then I can’t consume any alcoholic beverages so… I guess what I’m really trying to say is that I don’t get out too much hahahaha.

But I did a cool little project last night for an english language website here in Wrocław, one that I will write about soon, and I’m hoping I’ll be seen around town more and more often, hence have more photos to show on this blog. Here are a few shots from walking around Wrocław last night.

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