I’ve used my personal blog as means of expression. That’s actually the very basis of every blog; you’ve got something to say so you write it down for the world to see. Mine was not only to show photos I’ve taken, but also to scratch my everlasting itch to write. I know I’ll never be great at it as my foreigner ESL-taught English will only get me so far in life, but through this blog I was able to write out my thoughts and have received a pretty good feedback through the past 4 years about it.

And naturally I want more.

I want to be a part of something bigger. A site where I can feed off of the energy and write better and more meaningful articles. I’d like for my writing to matter. That’s where WroclawUncut.com comes in. Started by Greg Gowans, a native of Scotland teaching English here in Poland, Wrocław Uncut offers news, reviews, sports, opinions, and entertainment all in the English language. I’ve followed Uncut for a while before e-mailing Greg and offering to help out with some writing. A couple of meetings later I have my very first “published” article and a recurring column cleverly titled “Wine of the Month”.

There’s definitely an adjustment period when writing for someone, and having someone edit, cut, and change the article I’ve written was a first for me. It was for the best of course, but a new concept nonetheless. Hopefully my writing will improve with time and you will be the first to witness the effect of my cooperation with Wroclaw Uncut.

In the mean time please visit the Uncut’s web site to check out two of my articles. (so far!)

1. Wine of the month   2. Bike rental piece   3. Corso Wine Bar review

Here are some photos from Corso Wine Bar I was invited to for the Wine of the Month review. An actual review of the bar itself is coming soon. Writing about wine, while drinking wine? Yes, please!