Transalp for Two



In what appears to be the beginning of an annual tradition, Ania and I took part in the Zwierzyniec motorcycle meet up about 160km north of Wrocław. This was my second time there, but a first with my beloved “backpack”, as that’s what a female motorcycle passenger is known in the biz.

Riding with my “backpack” was easy since Ania used to own and ride a motorcycle herself and knew exactly how to behave in the back seat. In fact, it was so much fun that we need to plan a new trip soon. Packing for two however is still a mystery to me. When traveling alone I used to pile everything on the seat behind me. Now, since that’s taken, I have to find clever ways to use the small side bags and the cargo box in the back. This time it wasn’t much of an issue since we didn’t need to pack any food, drinks, or a gas stove for example. But packing up for a trip where all these would be necessary is going to be a challenge.

The meet up attracts motorcycle riders of all types. From Harley’s to Ninjas to BMW GS1200’s and old Polish made rustic moto’s, everyone’s there. So no matter what you’re into, you’ll be sure to find something you like. I myself stayed close to the Transalp Forum folks I met last year, and that seems to be the theme at the event: people tend to stick to their own kind 😉 It makes sense of course when talking in groups about similar types of bikes, issues, upgrades, or trips.

Here are a few photos from the trip, I will write about a field trip we took the second day in another post.

DSC_9750 DSC_9761 DSC_9787

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