OriginPin: Origin Pride

zoomrustEarlier this year a buddy of mine Ulrik had asked me to try out his OriginPins and give a proper feedback about the idea and the pins themselves. That being said, I am a few months late with my feedback with only a smudge of an excuse…this rustproofing photo that would have taken down my OriginPins anyway.

So what is OriginPin? It’s a piece of pride you stick on the back of your car of course. It’s an international thing for sure. Us foreigners, we like to show our national pride. I always had a PL (Poland) sticker on the back of my car in the States, but haven’t really come across anything worthy to stick on my car to show my American, err, California pride in Wrocław. Until now.


Custom made out of Titanium, these badges are pretty much going to outlast any car out there, my Mazda for damn sure. Every badge comes with automotive grade 3M tape that proved to be extremely difficult to take off (my first attempt at sticking was crooked) but it’s also guaranteed not to leave any damaging markings on the car. All OriginPins were designed and made in Los Angeles, and there’s a Made in the U.S. label to prove it. The OriginPin just feels well made when holding in hand, and looks very good once stuck on my car. It looks so good in fact that I’m a little curious how long before some jerk yanks them off of my car. Asshole!
Yes, I’m already mad about a future act that may or may not happen.

Anyway, Ulrik did send me one extra Czech Republic, Poland, and California OriginPin, so let’s have a giveaway!

I will send out, free of charge, one Poland, one Czech Republic, and one California OriginPin to the first three people located in Europe that ask for them in the comment section below. You can only have one, and I only have one of each to send out. First write, first serve, and please don’t have your friend from an address two doors down ask for another… Ohh, and these don’t come with the 3M tape any more, I had to use that once my original sticker placement came out crooked. Sorry. Just an OriginPin, no tape.


You may check out OriginPin and actually order one that suits you at: www.originpin.com

Here’s what my OriginPins look like. I stuck two on my car, one for Poland for which I am from, and am currently living in, and one for California where I did after all spend half of my life. Origin pride!DSC_0368

If you want one, as mentioned above, you know what to do!

Here are some of the photos from the OriginPin website. These things just look awesome!


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Phil Lee says:

    I would ask for one, but I don’t have a car anymore… and loving it!

    1. polvadis says:

      Yeah, but I know where your car has gone! And you know by now it’s probably lowered, with a supercharger and some racing hubcaps, Pacoima style! (sorry Gus)

      1. polvadis says:

        Plus you’re not “located in Europe”, and I don’t have any Mexico OriginPins anyway for Gus’ Toyota 😉

    2. Phil Lee says:

      On second thought, send me the CA one! I don’t live in Europe so will reimburse you for the mailing cost.

      1. polvadis says:

        Alright. California one is taken. Poland and Czech Republic to go!

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