Hollywood Electrics

I stopped by Hollywood Electrics today to check out what the top electric mobility shop in the vast L.A. area had to offer. I’ve read plenty about Hollywood Electrics in the past year or so, and have followed their social media updates routinely. I especially like their “electric Tuesdays” night rides that group electric motorcycle owners for an L.A. area silent ride.

To my surprise I didn’t see a single electric scooter even though I remember some Vectrix VX2’s being offered. I quickly found why through a conversation I had with Carl, a salesperson at Hollywood Electrics. He explained to me that in typical scooter fashion, people would first come in and get an electric scooter to simply ride over to the nearest store and so on. But these very same people would quickly outgrow their scooter wishing for more range and faster speed to at least get on the freeway. “People want to be able to ride anywhere, get on the 405 and so on” I believe was his quote exactly. And neither the VX2, nor our own GOVECS scooters for that matter, can handle the speed and range required by the 405 freeway.

And that explains all the ZERO motorcycles I found inside the shop. These things supposedly sell like hotcakes and every single motorcycles inside was already spoken for just waiting to be shipped or picked up. Carl spoke highly of the reliability of the ZERO cycle and I also talked to their mechanic for a second who said that while the first few model years where not perfect, ZERO has absolutely nailed the 2015 models.

Carl had also mentioned the Italian made Energica superbike at some point underlying the fact that Hollywood Electrics is definitely moving up their electric motorcycle game, not really leaving much room for electric scooter nor e-bikes. If only I lived in the L.A. area, if only I had $13,000 or so… I’d definitely buy a ZERO from these guys. I had a good time talking shop.

Hollywood Electrics
Phone: 323.654.8271
901 N. Fairfax Ave, West Hollywood, CA 90046


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