EICMA – Day 1 Impressions


For the past 3 years I have been fortunate to attend the EICMA motorcycle trade show with GOVECS, and this year marks my 4th event in a row. Four years isn’t much, considering my this is my boss’ 9th or 10th. But even to a noob like myself I can tell that EICMA is shrinking. The exhibition definitely takes up less and less space with each passing year, question is to what end?

During my day one walk around I noticed at least three trends. One, the electric mobility market has grown exponentially. Two, everyone’s seems to be into classic looking motorcycles. And three, everyone wants to turn that classic motorcycle into a Scrambler. Even BMW introduced a Scrambler this year, an obvious answer to Ducati’s Scrambler. So Ducati responded with a Multistrada Enduro to rival the GS1200 series. In my opinion neither company won that one. They should stick to what they’ve been doing best thus far. A BMW Scrambler just looks weird, and the same goes for a Multistrada Enduro.

On the gadget side of things, GoPro is showing off their Oculus Rift goggles with some pretty spectacular videos shot by a GoPro cube of cameras. The cool: you’re sitting behind a motorcycle rider and can view 360° and up and down as if you were actually sitting on that motorcycle yourself. The uncool: from the outside people are looking at you like total weirdo.


Here are some photos from day 1 walk around.

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