I stopped by my grandparents on Saturday afternoon and sure enough I was just in time for some sweet grandma baking goodness. My grandmother was in the middle of baking her signature “Rogailiki”, a Polish Croissant Cookie. Fresh from the oven, still warm as Ania and I stuffed our faces with them. Simply delicious.


Of course Ania started asking for the recipe to which my grandma just smiled and said “a little bit of this, and a little bit of that”. It’s not that she didn’t want to give up the secret, it’s that she actually doesn’t know the correct proportions. She just rule of thumb’s the entire baking process. Everyone agrees that grandma makes the best rogaliki around, so I think Ania is going to have to make an afternoon visit to grandma one day and bake with her, writing down and observing the process. Here are a few photos from grandma’s kitchen.