The Queen

During my Transalp days, I often rode with groups that almost always included at least one or two Honda Africa Twin motorcycles. The “Queen” they call it. Twenty years old and long discontinued, it was the enduro motorcycle that would never die. Well, a few beers into any Africa Twin conversation you’ll get a short list of things to change, upgrade, or replace altogether so that it would indeed never die. But anywho, the Queen is  very popular in Poland, is what I’m getting at.


During 2014 EICMA, Honda introduced what it called an experimental enduro bike, a Dakar looking CFR450. It gathered plenty of media coverage, but it was hailed by Honda as an adventure experiment. Only a short time later did Honda officially call it the next Africa Twin. And there’s nothing else to say to that really, except for the fact that I want it, BAD!

Naturally, being a brand new bike and all, it’s in a price category way beyond anything I could afford , but one can have a dream, right? Here’s a few photos from this year’s EICMA, along with some old school Queen photos I have taken in the past.



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