Frozen Over

So, what’s up?

Haven’t been on here in a while. I’ve tried, time and again, to write that special ‘first 2016’ blog post…and sort of lost track of time. January is almost over and my last post was somewhere mid December. Crap. Is anyone out there still reading my stuff anyway?

Well, to those that might, it’s winter time again in Poland. And while we only had a few days of snow, freezing temperatures have made themselves at home here and that means my trusty electric scooter is parked, awaiting warmer days.

I am of course putting my scooter to the test, even as it is sitting idle out there in the snow. I intentionally left if out in the cold, all winter long. Below zero temperatures are far from the optimal 20° to 30° centigrade a lithium battery likes to operate in. But I am not one to pamper my GOVECS scooter, and I want to see how that battery is going to take this real life beating. I have literally jumped my scooters off of speed bumps and across train tracks, crashed it, dropped it, taken it off-road, and yet every day I simply turn the ignition key and keep going. Which makes me wonder how people calling our field support staff actually brake their scooters. But, I am not however crazy enough to ride a two wheeler on icy roads that make my Mazda’s dashboard spring to life with crazy warning lights I didn’t existed. So it’s parked, waiting for the ice to thaw.

I rode this scooter here on a quick trip around our facility, testing GPS and a fleet management solution. Not fun in the cold!


Other than that, it’s just snowy and cold. Here are a few more photos of what it’s been like the past couple of weeks. Mostly Fado walking.

I’m having a real hard time getting into blogging again, I must admit as much. I’m even bouncing around an idea of just stopping altogether. It seems that my writing ambition has calmed way down. I’ll keep you posted.

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