Birthday at Work

On February 3rd. 2000, I went to work to Montgomery Ward as scheduled. I was a 17 year old Sales Associate working part time while finishing high school. That day, however, was a little different. I found out that our Chicago head office had sent us a new furniture department floor layout and my manager was looking for an overnight crew to move some stuff around. By law, a 17 year old couldn’t stay for the night shift. But I wanted to help out. So…I came to work a little late, and while the whole store started to cash out at 9pm, I started to move furniture. I wasn’t alone of course. My manager was there, and a bunch of other cool folks I worked with were there as well. It made moving furniture late into the night…fun! When the hour struck midnight, my manager surprised me with a birthday cake. She knew that technically, between the hours of 10pm and midnight, I was working illegally as a minor on a night shift. But I turned 18 at midnight, and with a cake in hand, I was all good to go till 6am. 

Today, I’m almost doubling that age. It’s my 34th birthday. But just like 16 years ago, I spent it working pretty damn hard at work. And I don’t mean that it’s my birthday and I had to go to work. Most everyone has to do that. I, however, am spending my birthday abroad away from my wife and family for the greater good of making the best damn electric scooters ever! Schwalbe by GOVECS! Coming soon. 

But today and tomorrow, I’ve got and old scooter factory to move back to Poland.  


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