Wild Stones


The German name for this mountain spot in the south of Poland is Wilde Löcher, which Google translates into Wilde Holes or Openings. Polish translation would sound more like Erroneous Rocks. The overall idea is that there are a lot of big rocks, stones, and boulders here with very tight walkways made in-between, making getting lost quite a simply task.

That Saturday couldn’t have gotten off to a worse start if we tried. We left the house with zero cash, hoping to find a cash machine on the way. We found one, two even, but my bank card wasn’t working for some reason. As we neared the end of our ride through the mountains, at the very top, my EMPTY light came on singling the imminent end of gasoline in the tank. To make matters worse, I realised that I had forgotten to take our dog’s leash with us, but that was all fine cause the park rangers selling park entry tickets didn’t accept credits cards anyway!

Yeah, all that after about two and half hours of driving.

So…one issue at a time.

We basically rolled down to the nearest town and found a gas station there. Luckily, I was able to get cash out of my card at the same station. That left us with only one problem, a missing leash, and that’s where a tow rope came in handy.

Fado, our chocolate labrador, looked as if I was walking a tiger on a safari tour with a big yellow tow rope and two huge hooks at each end. I couldn’t stop laughing as people passed us and either smiled or straight out thought I was crazy for walking such a dangerous dog in public. I’m just happy we managed to get through all these inconveniences and had a good day after all.

Walking in-between tightly stacked boulders wasn’t always easy. In fact there were a couple of spots where my fat ass almost didn’t fit. Almost! Fado did a stellar job showing no fear but we did have to trick him a couple of times to get him across some tight squeezes. Ania would walk first, and Fado being her dog, would naturally follow her anywhere in the world, even if it meant squeezing through cold and slimy rocks. Good dog!

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