A Vespa Wedding

It was supposed to be a different. The plan was to ride the 33 year old Vespa from the Cathedral, where the wedding ceremony took place, to the wedding hall some 6km away. Unfortunately the weather didn’t hold, and after a week of sunny 30°C days, it rained most of Saturday, and it kept raining until Monday afternoon.

This meant a quick change of plan, and instead of a festive ride, Antonello and his bride rode around a nearby fountain for a few photo ops and we had to call it a day. For the Vespa anyway. The result was still pretty good. Most of the wedding guests were Italian and a Vespa got standing ovations from all. OK, so everyone was standing outside anyway, but their smiles said it all. Success!

Why Vespa at all? Antonello, the groom, bought this very Vespa 33 years ago in Italy. It was left there while he traveled the world and eventually settled in Wrocław, Poland. Only this year, with the help of some friends, the Vespa was brought to Poland to be reunited with its original owner. My part in all of this was to bring the scooter back to life, riding condition-wise. It’s not perfect, but it sure is a lot of fun to ride.

Here are just a couple of photos I managed to snap with my phone.

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