I’m guilty of neglecting this blog a little. Well, neglecting it a lot actually. And I’m not one to make excuses, it’s just that I’ve been pretty busy in other areas of my life. One such area is the Schwalbe scooter seen below.


My role in this scooter is that of a project manager. I lead a team of very talented individuals at GOVECS with a goal of bringing Schwalbe to production in 2017. A couple of weeks ago we had an unveil event in Berlin where GOVECS officially announced Schwalbe coming to the market. The scooter project itself is big, but it’s only a piece of the Schwalbe puzzle necessary to make it a success. I’m extremely happy and proud of what we have accomplished, but it has taken a toll on free time.

The event took place at a former porcelain factory. It had a very cool party-like atmosphere. At first it seemed like a lot of random people with drinks in their hands slowly moving to whatever the dj was playing. But then, Thomas Gruebel, GOVECS CEO, rode a yellow Schwalbe across the room and onto the stage with fanfare and cheers from the many onlookers. The introduction was short but sweet, with both Thomas and a BOSCH representative Dr. Martin Holzmann speaking about a GOVECS/BOSCH partnership on the Schwalbe scooter. A few minutes later test rides began on the lot just outside the building. It was a fun night, and I really enjoyed seeing a product we had literally finished the night before make such waves.

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