Really Expensive Vespa’s

How much would you be willing to spend on a vintage scooter? €8.000? Maybe €20.000, because it’s a classic and will surely increase in value? Have a look below, and say out loud the price you think this scooter is worth:


And now let me tell you that you’re wrong. Way off. Not even in the same ball park. Why? Because the scooter shown above is a cool €230.000 euros! That’s $242,865 U.S. dollars for all my American friends. That’s a house! That’s a vintage Porsche! A piece of really crazy art piece maybe. But a scooter?

I completely understand the symbolic status of a 1946 Vespa, the first production year of a scooter that redefined how generations of Italians commuted around town. To this day the scooter culture in Italy is quite stunning. I personally love traveling to Milan. It’s a scooter paradise! Italian’s totally embrace that culture like none other. When I ride to work on my scooter, I usually have a motorcycle jacket with padding, a helmet with a visor, treating the scooter itself as a speedy means of getting to and from work. Italians make it a pleasure to watch. Men, dressed in suits, with a coat and tie flapping in the wind, an open helmet with sunglasses on, often smoking a cigarette while taking pure pleasure in the drive. I don’t know anyone else that makes riding a scooter look that cool.

Two hundred and thirty thousand smackers though, that’s a lot of mula for a two wheeler of any kind, much less a scooter.

The company presenting these beautifully restored scooters and other motorcycles is called Route da Sagno, and the link below will take you to their Piaggio page so that you may see other, a little more affordable, vintage Vespas. Crazy!!!


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  1. That’s really expensive

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